Putnam County EMS Sweeps "Battle in the Gorge" EMS Competition

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV - A competition team comprised of Putnam County EMS employees represented the agency over the past weekend at "Battle on the Gorge," a state-wide fire and EMS competition. At the competition, teams were placed in highly complex and realistic scenarios to test their skills as EMS providers. In addition, teams were tasked with the triage and treatment of multiple patients in a mass casualty type incident. Scenarios even included a simulated plane crash. Competing against them were teams from various other areas of the state.

Putnam County EMS Competition Team

ABOVE - from left to right - Paramedic Scott Ballard,
Paramedic Errin Gibson, EMT Frankie Bragg, EMT Rob Savage
and EMT Jesse Board.

BELOW - The Putnam County EMS competition team proudly displays their awards.

Competition Team with Trophies

The history of EMS competitions in the state go back to 1975, when Charleston Area Medical Center and the WV Emergency Health Services division brought agencies from around the state to compete against each other and test their skills. However, "Battle on the Gorge 2015" was the first fire and EMS competition to be held in nearly 10 years.

The Education Director of Putnam County EMS, Stephanie Watson, says that the team's performance shows how truly dedicated they are to providing excellent patient care and caring for their community.


"That is one of the reasons I'm so proud of them. They did. They thought outside the box, they took care of the patients appropriately," she said. Watson says, "Even if they didn't place, they were there, they were competing and they represented Putnam County EMS. That’s all that matters."


However, that was not the case. Instead, Putnam County EMS competition teams swept the competition. The EMT Team, comprised of EMT Frankie Bragg, EMT Rob Savage and EMT Jesse Board, placed first in their category. In addition EMT Rob Savage took home "EMT of the Year 2015."


While overcoming the scenarios proved to be a difficult task itself, the Putnam County EMS Paramedic competition team charged ahead and overcame an additional adversity. While all other Paramedic teams were made up of 3 Paramedics, the Putnam County EMS Paramedic team was only made up of 2. Overcoming this added challenge were Paramedic Scott Ballard and Paramedic Errin Gibson. Despite this adversity, the Paramedic Team brought home first place in their category. In addition, Paramedic Scott Ballard brought home the award for "Paramedic of the Year 2015."

Congratulations to all that competed!