City of Hurricane Hosts Preparedness Expo

HURRICANE, WV - On September 26th, community members from across the tri-state area gathered at Hurricane City Hall to learn more about emergency and disaster preparedness. Experts in various topic matters presented material that was aimed at educating the citizens of our local communities about preparing for disaster. Organized by Deron Wilkes, the event attracted a crowd comprised of lay people, preparedness enthusiests and first responders alike.

A wide diversity of vendors were also available to speak with the public about the importance of preparing for a disaster. Representatives from the CAMC Physicians Group, Kanawha Putnam Emergency Planning Committee, National Weather Services of Charleston and Putnam County EMS were on hand to answer questions and provide tips on how to better prepare for an emergency. Mulitple well-known experts in survival and preparedness were also present. Some of the topics presented included alternative energy, emergency communications, first aid/CPR and weather preparedness.

Survival experts in attendance spoke of the five (5) critical items that are important in the event of an emergency. Those critical items are food, water, fire, shelter and security. Preparedness experts recommend that each person be prepared to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 72-hours in the event of an emergency, although many recommend preparing for much longer. Enough non-parishable food items and water should be stored to support you and your family in such an event; FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security recommend that you store a minimum of 1 gallon of water, per day, per person. Representatives from Putnam County EMS also recommended that those preparing for a disaster keep extra prescription medication in their first aid kits and those that are dependent on assistive devices, like home oxygen concentrators, prepare for power failures by keeping spare oxygen tanks filled and available.

You can access the vendor's websites by utilizing the links below:

CAMC Physicians Group

Dyer Outdoor

Hurricane Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Mantis Outdoors

National Weather Service of Charleston, WV

Kanwaha Putnam Emergency Planning Committee

Keller's Survival


While first responders and other resources will continue to provide assistance to those in need, emergency systems are likely to be overwhelmed in the event of a large scale event and response times can be delayed. As such, each member of the community plays an important role in disaster preparedness.

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